Everyday Conversations On Race For Everyday People with Simma Lieberman

October 20, 2018

I recently had the pleasure of joining Simma Lieberman for a conversation on race. As you’ll hear me reiterate in the podcast, I view race as a very real historical and societal construct (especially in the United States), but something that’s not rooted in biological validity. That being said, having to think about and live with race daily, as we’ve constructed it here in the U.S., I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with having productive conversations about it instead of talking over and/or past each other.

Click here to listen to the podcast –¬†Episode 13 : African-Americans in the Executive Suite

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Many diversity practitioners like me spend a good amount of time coaching people to not obsess over our differences, but also focus on our similarities. While similarities are the ties that bind us as human beings, differences do matter and can be extremely beneficial when leveraged as strengths. I believe that more dialogue like this one will help to educate, equip and empower people to acknowledge and understand our differences, whether inherent and natural or manufactured.

Take a listen, let me know what you think and join in the dialogue.

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