The Human Thumb – A Silent and Deadly Killer of Trolls

August 28, 2016

If you have been blessed with the full use of your thumbs and most often engage in social media on your cell phone or small tablet, this is for you. For those of you on a laptop or desktop, you’re on your own. The ability to scroll past content you don’t care to read or… Read More ›

The N-Word: If You’re Going To Use It, Be Prepared To Own It

August 1, 2016

 After seeing this story about the newly crowned Miss Teen USA having Tweeted using the n-word, a friend asked whether or not it was okay for a rapper to use the n-word on a song she recently heard at the end of a movie soundtrack. That’s a question that has a long history of being… Read More ›

Why Do So Many People Of Color Not Identify With The Republican Party?

July 25, 2016

Not exactly new news that many people of color, and Whites alike, see the Republican Party as the party of White identity. Right, wrong or indifferent, it’s been this way for decades. Doesn’t help when the former Grand Dragon of the Klan professes his newfound motivation to run for office is grounded in the political… Read More ›

How Kool-Aid and a Cookie Tin Expanded My Thinking

July 5, 2016

I grew up in an all-Black neighborhood and up until the fifth grade, went to an all-Black school. I feel blessed that, for the most part, school always came easily to me. Whether or not I always fully applied myself is another story for another day. As such, my teachers were constantly looking for ways… Read More ›