Are We Simply Race Baiting and Playing the Race Card?

March 12, 2015


So once again the Internet trolls have come out swinging. They used to bother me, now I have to admit I just find them sadly amusing.

They are frothing at the mouth, screaming and shouting about how the stories of the now evidence-based systemic discrimination in Ferguson and the “There will never be a nigger” catchy little ditty of the now defunct SAE fraternity (the same students, by the way, I’m sure wildly cheer said ‘niggers’ on while they’re on the football field and basketball court making millions of dollars for their school) at Oklahoma are just “race baiting” and minorities are continuously whining and complaining about nothing more than being minorities.

For the life of the professional trollers, they just can’t figure out why we’re STILL gabbing on and on about slavery, lynchings and self imposed subjugation. As a person who has built a career working with Fortune 50 companies and communities to manage the innumerable facets of diversity that naturally surround us all every day, I have also been accused of “race baiting” by merely existing and having the job that I do. For those who actually know me personally, imagine that, me “race baiting.” Let the asininity of that one soak in for a minute or two.

So, for those who feel that all of us minorities need to stop already with the “race baiting”, playing the race card and incessantly whining about being minorities, in case you have been living under a rock for the past 2 decades and haven’t paid attention to the rapidly shifting demographics here in the United States, you will very soon have ample opportunity to show us exactly how being a minority should be done.

Truth be told, we are a heck of a lot more alike than we are different. While “race” as we define it, has no grounding in a valid biological construct, it does have a very real historical and societal construct. A historical and societal construct that adds richness and texture to our humanness, but is also fraught with an organic tension and complexity. Until our public discourse matures enough to evolve beyond the invalid biological construct, we must pull our heads up out of the sand and acknowledge the fact that sometimes some of us actually do treat each other like [enter my Marine Corps potty mouth term here] crap based on our assumed differences, driven by this thing we call race.

Will there occasionally be false accusations or invalid assumptions of discrimination? Absolutely. Given our nation’s history, should they immediately be discounted as frivolous or imaginary? Absolutely not. To be clear, this should not be about assigning White guilt, it should be about how we all get along and about owning up to the fact that singing about keeping “niggers” out of SAE in 2015 is not acceptable on any terms.