David Casey

Meet David.

Who is David Casey?

I consider myself lucky that I discovered my passion for all things diversity at an early point in my life. I have 20 years of experience having served as a Chief Diversity Officer for two Fortune 50 companies, positioning both as best practice organizations. I have been called upon to participate in White House initiatives; consult with Members of Congress, advise international political appointees and delegations; speak to private sector corporations, professional associations, academia and not for profits of all shapes and sizes. 

These experiences have taught me a lot along the way and I continue to be energized and motivated by the things I have yet to learn and the conversations I have yet to have. Out of my profound respect for the professional discipline of strategic diversity management, I spend the majority of my waking hours working to make sense of the dynamically changing world around us in our professional and personal lives and helping others do the same.

Always driven by the power of learning, I hold dear two guiding principles – 1. No one has all of the answers or gets it right all of the time and 2. The smartest person in the room is often the one who asks the best questions.  This means that we have to have the skill and will to engage in honest, open, two-way dialogue, not shouting over or talking past one another. And once the conversation stops, we must act; actions always speak louder than words. 

Whether I draw upon the adventures and misadventures of my inner city childhood, being introduced to the dynamics of race during court-ordered bussing as an adolescent, serving as a US Marine in Operation Desert Storm or having navigated the boardrooms of some of the largest corporations, I put in the effort to understand my audience and encourage them to translate my stories into their own. The greatest compliments I usually get are that the presentation or discussion wasn’t what people expected, it was fun and thought-provoking and resulted in them thinking about diversity as they never have before. 

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