David Casey

Determine to be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today.

David Casey

Who is David Casey?

David Casey is a published, award-winning, dynamic, and highly sought after diversity speaker. He is a dedicated family man with a passion for civil and human rights, education, health, economic empowerment, closing the opportunity divide, and social action. Learn more about David

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Are you on the same page as your razor? How about your socks?

January 18, 2019

Gillette’s recent ad, challenging men to be the best men can be, has certainly elicited strong sentiments, both in support and in opposition. Was it the topic itself? Was it the delivery? Was it both? Do I need my disposable razor to have an opinion on #MeToo? Gillette’s “THE BEST MEN CAN BE” campaign  This… Read More ›

Everyday Conversations On Race For Everyday People with Simma Lieberman

October 20, 2018

I recently had the pleasure of joining Simma Lieberman for a conversation on race. As you’ll hear me reiterate in the podcast, I view race as a very real historical and societal construct (especially in the United States), but something that’s not rooted in biological validity. That being said, having to think about and live… Read More ›

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David Casey

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David brings an inspiring level of energy, relevance, and passion to his engagements. He has been speaking on the national circuit for many years and always brings a fresh perspective on topics from diversity management and inclusion to cultural competency and conflict resolution. Learn more

An Extremely Engaging & Informative Speaker

“When I decided to invite someone into my classroom to speak about diversity several years ago, David Casey was the first name mentioned to me by several people. He turned out to be an extremely engaging and informative speaker, and I have lost count of the number of times that I asked him to return. David has a passion for the field of diversity that is evident to anyone listening to him. At the same time, he makes it clear that diversity management is not just about achieving demographic balance within the workforce; it’s about using that balance to help an organization achieve its overall goals.”

Senior Lecturer in HR Management

Indiana University Kelley School of Business at IUPUI

Driving Lasting Cultural Change

“David is an insightful leader with a passion for driving lasting cultural change. His approach is thoughtful and strategic, and buttressed by his deep knowledge of how to create and sustain cultural diversity. David is also pragmatic, and able to introduce incremental cultural change initiatives that, when viewed over time, significantly improve the strength of an organization’s culture.”

Professional colleague